We are an elite escort agency providing quality companions for gentlemen of the upper social class.

Our girls can be taken to any event from elite parties, formal black-tie events, but you can also call us if you are in the mood for a romantic dinner or you want to spend a whole weekend or some days in the company of a stunning lady.

Why are we different Escort Agency?

Every agency claims itself to be the best, like in every industry every brand does when it comes to promote a service.  But those who claim to have it, do they really?  And if everyone is special, what is the point of speciality? Of course, not everyone can be the best ,and unfortunately a few times they are not even as good as it was promised before.

A lot of times you can’t decide it at first look, just after  an experience.

escort girls - Europe Queens

We are not claiming that we are the best , but we are doing our best so your opinion will be that. Treating people the very same way, with a rush of a conveyor belt, is not how we do business. Before booking we are discussing every detail in e-mail, meanwhile figuring out your  taste, unique style, expectations,  what has priory importance for you, what is secondly, or not important. Considering all this we try to help to figure out the best choice for you -in case you would like us to. Maybe after visiting our gallery a girl had captured your attention, and you are absolutely sure she is the one you want to meet . Than we are here to do everything so your dream date with her becomes a reality.

Our words, the elegant look of our website represents the quality and level of our service.

We stand behind every word we are claiming, and we are looking forward to prove it to you –respected Lady or Gentleman -in practice.


Yours sincerely,
Budapest Queen

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