At Budapest Escort, we eat like Kings ❤

At Budapest Escort every Call Girl eat like Kings, it’s important, and healthy ❤

We eat really a lot at Escort Job. Thanks God, you can not see this:) But i think we have to eat a lot, we have to be strong, and healthy all the time. Don’t think about big plates of food, but we eats every day min 4x time, only a little something..



The Pillars of Successful Diet at Budapest Escort:

The wrong diet slows you. The right food is important because you need it to support your sporting activities. These are following pillars of a successful fitness nutrition form from the basis for your success.

  1. Reach a balance
    Are there with you again chicken with broccoli for dinner? You do not have to contort yourself and always eat the same thing, so you lose the annoying fat. You can make your dream body getting achieved when you stick to 80 to 90 percent of a nutrient-rich diet and begrudge from time to something to you. If you arrange an appointment in a restaurant to eat, you do not have to chew on Salad Leaf all evening. The everyday nutrition is vital.
  2. Be realistic and know yourself
    You have to deal with yourself always honest and realistic. This is especially true the limits of your body. You have to know when you should say no or stop. As a result, you keep on and learn the intricacies of fitness emphasized diet. However, If you choose a diet that you can just hard to hold, it will bring you nothing in the long term. If you want to have permanent success, your nutritional strategy must be adapted to your needs.
  3. Prefer the protein
    Proteins are the main components of your muscles and must therefore necessarily be an important part of your diet. While you can varies in the context of your training plan your carbohydrate and fat intake, the intake of protein must always remain constant. This is especially true if you practice a lot of aerobic exercise and / or you take less calories to you to break the fat. Your body gets too less calories or burn a correspondingly large amount, than it may proceed to the energy balance to gain calories from your muscle protein and break down your muscles so.
  4. Control your carbohydrate budget
    The carbohydrates polarize is in the fitness world since ancient times. Many love them, some of hate them. For you is important that concerning the extent of your carbohydrate intake is the key to success. To an attractive figure. This raises you no more question, only how many carbs can you take?
  5. Be purposeful
    A purposeful action is the basis for any success. In this all makers of this world are in agreement. If you train your body and you want to take it with a healthy diet to top shape, you have to keep an eye on every detail, with full conviction.

At Budapest Escort we eat a lot, but we do a lot of aerobic exercise 😉

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It is a golden rule for any fitness program and any fitness lifestyle: Nutrition is the king. If you fell bad of your sessions relax,  probably you can blame on your food. Tiring your muscles during exercise is normal. However, the next morning if you wake up and have the feeling of being whacked, you’ll have not eaten the right thing.

If the progress is not established, your body will harm. So be careful, and if you need, ask for help!



….or come to Budapest Escort, and let’s make some “sport” together;)



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