Confessions of an escort budapest client

A men who spent thousand of dollars on escorts budapest who met online

Tom is an average man, 29 years old, with a lot of friend and a good job. But he is always alone in the end of the day. Over the previous few years, just about all of his friends had settled down. Every other weekend, it seemed, there was a stag night or a wedding. Those who weren’t having kids were moving out of town.
Opportunities to change things were thin. After joylessly surfing on the net and playing computer games, and watching tv-series, he stumbled across an online escort budapest agency.

He never thought about paying for sex. Prostitution, in his head was not ok, because the fear, what if a girl wouldn’t be there? What if the girls are foul, or unintelligent in needle.
He never thought about that, but as he noticed, the Escort Job industry is safe, clean and legal. It is like a date, well an expensive date.

I looked at my life. I looked at my empty diary. And I looked at my empty bed. After all I picked up the phone.

He prepared for the first escort budapest meeting, if he would go out on a date.

He booked a sunbed session, he went twice more to the gym as before and twice as long. He got a haircut, and some new clothes. But of course he was afraid, who will open the door? What kind of flat will be there? When the date comes, the escort budapest girl behind the door, was the girl in the photo. She was nice, elegant, and of course sexy. Overall she was a great company. He went home that night happier than he had been in ages. The fears were unfounded. He called the budapest escorts many times.

budapest escort

budapest escort

After that night, he was hooked of escort budapest girls.

He tried several different escort girls. There was black, white, latina, blonde, brunette, red, classy, sexy, naughty, sassy. He never visited the same girl twice. But he was a gentleman, he always bought flowers and champagne to the girls. And he always paid for an extra hour to know better the girls.

I liked doing it this way. It felt normal.

He made a booking after that. There was a girl, he tried to book many times, but she had been never available, a hauntingly beautiful model in budapest escort. She was a dream girl, she was his favourite. And she was the only girl who visited more than once.

All the time his greatest fear was, that the girl didn’t want to be there with him, the girl who didn’t want to be an escort girl. Many girls workig under duress. Or the girl has a rough day. But fortunately, this never happened.

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