For an Escort Budapest, the nails are important for the perfect looks

For an Escort Budapest in Hungary, the nails are really important for the perfect appearance


As a Call Girl at Escort Job, i have to think all the time about my appearance. This is normal, when somebody work in this area. But it’s not so easy how you think. My nails must be all the time perfect, not too long, not too short, and elegant, but still sexy. My nail artist help me find the way between them. I go to her every week, or second week, and we make everytime something new:)


I like more the elegant nails at Budapest Escort!



There are many different Nail forms and everyone has their own nail shape. Whether long or rather shorter, this is as individual as a fingerprint. The natural nail shape is innate, influenced by the shape of the fingers and the nail matrix. In case of injury or damage to the matrix, the nail may be temporarily or even permanently deform. Sometimes even the nail artist can’t help in this situation..

Tricks for optical change from an Escort Budapest:


With the help of a file can affect the shape of anything. Natural nails should only be processed with a fine sand sheet file. It is important that the side lines of the nail are parallel. Basically, they say that the nail form should be adapted to the nail wall, it seems the most natural. The nail wall is the piece of cuticle, which is located behind the finger back. Shaping can only made from the free edge of the nail, so from the point where the nail coming out from the nail bed. Case of wide nails can choose the best one oval, slightly pointed shape, it stretches visually. Painted to the nails to a strong color, can help with the looks. Case of very small nails, offers the most square shape. The corners are slightly rounded with a file. Here you wear nail polish completely to the edges and leaves behind only the nail wall out some space.


Call Girl Hungary

Call Girl Hungary

Synthetic nails as an alternative, At Budapest Escort, we use it too.


In the field of nail design creativity have no limits. Depending on the work, they can be brought into any desired shape nails: whether square, oval, almond-shaped, tapered or individually. However, they must be adapted to the everyday life and hobbies potential.

My opinion is, this is the best course, if you have healthy, or unhealthy nails too. Because this is beautiful all the time, you don’t need to remake every day… It’s simple great!! I can’t decide which will be the next shape what i will ask for:))

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