Let’s talk about me… I’m an escort in Budapest

Let’s talk about me for a sec… I’m an escort in Budapest, and i love it 


Escorts in Hungary

Escorts in Hungary

I’m Elizabeth, 22 years old, and yes, i’m an Escort Job. But you know what? i love it! A lot of people think that from this job, every girl become a mess. Well, i’m the living instance that is not true! I live my life how i want, and i can do/ buy everything! Is that so bad? My opinion is, if i love my ‘job’, enjoy my passion, than why should i don’t take money for that? See, this is how i became an escort in Budapest!

 Let’s talk about you, dear stranger! You’re almost the same like me. You know why? Like i said, i can do, and i will, what i want. So if you are here, you want something, and you will get it! Of course you will, you are the lion in the wild, everything what you touch, it’s yours. I tell you something… I’m just the same… I must HAVE everything, I MUST be the most beautiful, and i have to feel it all the time. So i think, i just find myself the perfect profession/job. It doesn’t matter how we call it, this is my life! Couldn’t be different, since i was a little girl, i had to be in the centre. So here i am now, at Queen Escort Budapest to live my gorgeous life, so why don’t you come to me, my dearest lion?

♥ As an escort in Budapest, i have a lot of duty…


  • Have the perfect body. (Usually i have to subsist on smoothies or run ten miles a day to have a beautiful body.)
  • I don’t overuse makeup. (I’m trying not to use a lot of face makeup (Foundation, Concealer, Blush) because it’s very bad for my skin, and than the people think that i’m a man 😀 )
  • I always dress nice, but comfortable, if possible. (A flowy top and some skinny jeans is not only stylish, but comfortable as well. Of course if i go out at night, High Heels is not optional! To look good, High heels are really important!)
  • By me, accessories always make a difference. ( Even a tiny diamond ring can make my whole outfit sparkle. )
  • But my personality is the main part. ( Sure, I can be (i am already) the prettiest girl in the world but my personality means the most. )
  • I never see the comments as criticism.   (I know who i am, so i need no more proof.)



“Smile and love yourself” – this is my motto as an escort in Budapest


In a world where everyone is out for themselves, who should we trust? Right? Nobody … Only one signal that suggests we are trustworthy, and guess what, it’s a smile. Genuine smiles send a message that other people can trust and cooperate with us. Science bitch!;) People who smile are rated higher in both generosity and extraversion and when people share with each other they tend to display genuine smiles. When people do bad things they often smile when they are caught. Hey, it’s so me 🙂 I do this all the time, and believe me, everyday happens something… 🙂


So, are you ready to smile at me?:) Than come and try a real escort in Budapest!
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