♦ About the escort job at Budapest Escort ♦

About the interesting and luxury escort job at Budapest Escort in Hungary


Being a Call Girl at Escort Job creates a lot of questions and no answers… Till now! You can read on the internet every king of blog and articles, but sometimes they just want to make more reader.. This word is not so “extreme” like almost everybody think it is. This is just a normal job, a lifestyle and nothing more.


What makes me happy – Being a Model at Budapest Escort


Read my not so long way to Budapest Escort:

For example my story would be not a big deal in a newspaper:) I was just like you, or anybody else, i had no bad childhood or “daddy complex”. I just wanted to work somewhere, and i wanted to make enough money for my hobbies etc.., because my opinion is, your life is meaningless if you don’t live it 🙂 So it was a mixture of boredom and curiosity that brought me to search on the Internet for online escort agencies. This was 2 years ago, and i regret at all nothing!


Model work at Budapest Escort is just as normal, as your job.


Escorts Budapest

Escorts Budapest


I wanted to discover what more can my life offer to me. I wanted to see the word, and let’s face it, if i would work at a “burger restaurant” i would have never enough money to travel. I was like: “You know what? Let’s do, what need to do for the best living. When it’s time, when i have enough, i will stop it, and i will have a normal life, with a big house, 2 dogs and children. But for now, i must live my young years!” Who can blame me for that? I had nobody to leave, i never cheated anybody. So i can say, i’m a correct person.



The first time was interesting at Budapest Escort, even for me..


Escorts Budapest

Escorts Budapest

The first time was so exciting! You can’t believe, like a virgin..but really. I was so nervous, i will be good/pretty enough, he will like me, or he will leave me, and so on, stupid thoughts.. and than, my “client” came to me, and i got shock! he was a really nice, handsome guy in my age. I asked, “sorry, but how’s this even possible, that you are here, you look soo good, you are young, etc.. so, you’re not the most common client type.” and he said, that is true, but he has no time, and he liked my photos so much, that he couldn’t pass the chance to meet me. Well, after that, i was a real virgin girl. He was a gentleman, and when i told him, that it was my first time, he was truly kind to me. We was speaking minimum 2 hours, and than we get closer to each other… It was at all not a “bad start”, and since that time, i can say, that my client are the best kind of people. All of them are so nice, and kind…I’m really happy to met them.

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