What happens with your BFFs, if you’re an Escort Budapest

What happens with your best friends, if you became an Escort Budapest


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Escorts Budapest


Well, it’s a deep theme… You remember, when all of us played together in the garden, we was young, and careless, and the most important, we were Friends, best friends… Dear Stranger, if somebody became an Escort Job, this is the first thing what can be easily lose … Friendship .



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call girl hungary

When i was young – before i became a Call Girls in Hungary – i had a lot of friends, but i mean friends, really really good friends. I thought this will be till i die, you know friends 4ever.. But i really believed, that i will grown old with them, and we will play, and share feelings to the last moments. The fact is, i was always the naiv.. You know, it’s all fun, till you don’t have to pay your bills, and so on.. Since my parents died, i had not so much options, and my friends of course tried to help me, but i can’t take the money what they gave to me.. First i worked a lot of places, at the mall, little fashion shop, etc.. But i had never enough money, and i was all the time alone, because my friends went to college, or moved to a bigger city.. i couldn’t afford to go out every night with them, so i wasn’t there when the biggest parties happened. And this was the time, when i said, it’s not enough for me! I worked my ass off, but I still can’t pay it though. But I got just enough, you know for the bills, and for food, and that’s it! I said to myself: STOP IT, FINISH IT NOW! I cried almost every night, so you can believe my, i was strong, but too long…


“As an Escort budapest i felt better”


So then, the biggest change in my life came. I met with somebody, and well, it was really a fast choice, but i never regret since. I packed my suitcase, smoked a few cigarettes ( i was nervous little) and i was ready the change my life, and be happy and free already! That was the first step, to became a Budapest escort!

“A Call Girl in Hungary helped me find my way”


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It was the right time, to lose myself, but i was never prepared for losing my friends with this lifestyle. Well it’s life bitch, or? Everything was too new, too shiny, and i loved it of course! But i couldn’t talk with them about it because they would never understand.. So first i said, i’m fine, and everything, ok, but then they asked more and more, so i didn’t speak with them anymore. It felt bad, because i couldn’t lie to them, but how should i tell the truth? I missed them so much, that is almost died inside.. but what could i do? So i decided:  if i’m happy as a Call Girl in Budapest. Why should i care, what other people think about me? they will see, what i have, and how happy i am, if i go home.. It must be enough right?



At least, i found a lot of new BFF.
And these girls work as Escorts Budapest.
..and i love them:)
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