Good girls go to gym.. Life at Budapest Escort

Good girls go to gym almost every day.. Fashion life at Budapest Escort


Muscle training for women makes them less feminine? If women do it right in the gym or at home, muscles make for women really sexy curves! At Escort Job you can check it!



From a Budapest Escort Girl – “6 types of men, the woman in the GYM must tolerate:”

  1. The Ignorant
    He pays the same intensity on the body language of others as his leg workout. Both are consistently ignored. No matter if a woman is with her partner in the studio… He does not realize that they can smell his desperation even more intense as the results of his bath in his perfume or deodorant spray.
  2. The “Personal Trainer”
    This is the same type in principle. He invested all the seven hours and maybe 30 Euro to get his online personal trainer certification. Of course, he always runs with an official t-shirt through the studio.
  3. The Stalker
    This kind is not its very strengths. He hangs like a leech to a pretty woman and sacrifice any chance of a decent workout for always be able to use the machine or the rack nearby. This goes on until they finished their training. Before that, he does not stop.
  4. The self-promoter
    Rather than respond the woman directly and “flirting” with her, he makes a big show of his exercises to impress her.
  5. The rival
    The rival is a mixture of the Stalker and the self-promoter. He thinks he can make his masculinity and sexual attractiveness showcased by trained harder than you with your 55 kg body weight. Will he ever understand that real male attractiveness is associated with calmness and quality of their own actions?
  6. The Casanova
    With this particular species of man no time is wasted. This kind of man has no “bad time” to ask for your phone number. This has never worked in gyms, but they never give it up anyway to keep trying.

Escort Service in Budapest

Escort Service in Budapest

“Alcohol and fat burning – a combination that will never work out” – a Budapest Escort


Who likes to drink alcohol should also know how many calories and alcohol are in the different drinks. Below we have shown a list that well informed about what ingredients are contained in different alcoholic drinks.

Beer: 5% alcohol
Wine: 12% – 13% alcohol
Spirits: 40% alcohol
Liqueurs: 35 – 40% alcohol


Don’t drink! Come to Budapest Escort, and you will have fun with us!
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