I love to TRAVEL.. That’s why i’m an Escort Budapest!

I love to TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD.. That’s why i’m an Escort Budapest!



Are you love to travel, but you always have to keep your money for living, and it’s not enough, for have fun too? See? That’s why i’m an Escort Job. With this job, i never have to think about money. I have always enough! When i was a little girl, and i watched TV shows, i went crazy that why i can’t be there, why i don’t live there? But with this lifestyle, i can live everywhere at the same time. I travel all the time, so if is see something beautiful, i can go there only for have fun!



I started to travelling, when a had a serious break up, with my ex-love… But start at the beginning: My freshman year of college, I decided that I would learn English with the plan of studying abroad in the UK.
I started studying English in my sophomore year, and let me tell you, it was hard at first, for a lonely hungarian girl. For me english was one of the most difficult languages for hungarian speakers to learn… I had quizzes multiple times a week, I spent hours on my homework, and I cried a lot to my best friens (whom still lived in Hungary) more than once.


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Independent Escort Agency Budapest

Independent Escort Agency Budapest

So then I met this man…he was a little bit older than me…
The first weekend of college, I met a real gentleman. Not just any man, an Englishman. Unlike all of the immature hungarian boys at my school, this Englishman actually asked me out on a date. It was a big deal. A date with big roses, champagne, in a very expensive restaurant..
What I thought would be a fun English fling, and it will be and after 1 or 2 night… But turned into a serious relationship very quickly. The only problem?
He was one of my professor in the college… Well, not my best choice right? The semester flew by, and before I knew it, he was spending Christmas with me and my family in Hungary.

He didn’t understand why it’s not working…. He thought I’d have an amazing time in England on a really great study abroad program. But it was more, and not about studying i’m sure…

I’m sure it is a really great study abroad program. England is an amazing country and I’d love to live there someday..maybe.. I really enjoyed my month with him in England. BUT as a hungarian call girl was not the experience that I had been dreaming about. After talking and thinking things through, we realized that we wouldn’t be able to spend any significant amount of time together for the next few years. We decided that there was no point staying together, when we had no idea how or when we would ever be able to live in the same country again, and i’m not sure, that we wanted on the first place… I was devastated. He was my best friend and my biggest love.