Come on a Summer Adventure to Budapest Escort

Summertime in Hungary at Budapest Escort!!


The summer is finally here! 30 degrees and sunshine everywhere.. Who want to be inside the bedroom? At Escort Job we love the beach, and we want to be there all day!! 🙂 Come with us, to have some fun, you will never forget this summer;)


Summer adventures with Budapest Escorts are the best!


Sex in the water, however, is a sparkling idea for almost everybody i’m i right? We love to have fun everywhere! So we give you a few tip for a supersex at the beach:

  • Be quick: don’t get in trouble because of being caught, usually has to be fast, and don’t drop all your clothes, just push the swimsuits aside at least in public lakes / baths…
  • Sun protection: Generally by the outdoor sex and especially when you are on the beach, don’t forget the sunscreen. Otherwise, this round could end painfully.
  • Comfortable Location: In my opinion, the best is not so close to the water, and on a pillow or blanket…
  • Warning: Try to not be so loud.. Yeah, i know, i love to have loud sex too, but be careful on the beach..

Sexy time on Summer – you should try it with a call girl!


Sex on the beach with Budapest Escort

Sex on the beach with Budapest Escort


If you are not careful enough, there will be a lot of risks that come along with summer time sex (getting caught, sand everywhere.., getting attacked by wild water creatures)…
I think the most important thing in this case is a big blanket, which you can use to protect yourselves from sand, get comfortable and to cover up very fast if someone walks by. Blankets are always the smarter choice than towels, as towels always seem to let sand through….
Another good thing to have is a big umbrella, which can be used to shield your bodies from the curious eyes.

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