How to treat erection problems? Come to Budapest Escort!

How to treat erection problems? Come to Budapest Escort!


Many men know that – they want to have sex, but in bed it does not always work. Approximately one in five men has experience with erection problems. For many, this is a big burden, which not only affects the quality of life, but often the relationship life. Don’t worry, if you have some erection problem, at Budapest Escort Job we can heal it;) The causes of the lack of erection are varied.  It  can be both mentally and organic.


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Knowing the reasons that potency can be mostly restored. Possible causes:

  • Stress. For men who are under a lot of pressure, whether business or private, this can be felt also in a more difficult erectile ability. Hormones, which are formed in stress, can prevent a stable erection. The body is on alert – this is also true for anxiety or anger. For an erection then will be not enough blood “left”. Try to relax, and reduce stress, is important, not only for sexual performance.
  • Sport. Stress reduction, for example, succeed through sports. Adequate exercise and enjoy a workout brings the blood circulation going. Physical activity increases your stamina, improves blood flow and blood pressure – this supports the erection. However: Who totally exhaust themselves playing sports, should not be surprised if this does not improve the erectile ability.
  • Fear of failure. At the beginning of a relationship, some men are afraid… Low self-esteem and the desire to do anything particularly well, can lead to a lack of stability.
  • High blood pressure. High blood pressure strain on the blood vessels among which blood flow suffers. Erectile dysfunction can also indicate a disease of the coronary arteries – the blood vessels in the penis are so fine that make them noticeable as the first vascular changes. That’s why should be discussed with a doctor if erection problems last longer than three months.
  • Coffee. A new study presented there is a link between coffee drinking and erectile dysfunction: men who drink two to three cups of coffee per day, have less often erectile dysfunction.
  • Smoking cholesterol. Caused by nicotine and elevated cholesterol, the blood vessels that can clog the arteries and an erection will be difficult to narrow.
  • Depression. During a depression, the sexual desire decreases significantly. Especially for men is still hard to admit the depression.
  • Overweight. In addition to diabetes also being overweight as well lack of exercise have an impact on sexual performance. A healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet play an important role in sexual health


The open dialogue between the partners is the most important prerequisite for a rectification of the fault. It does not help to withhold the problems. Studies in several countries showed: Erection problems are much more common than is generally believed. The incidence of ED is strongly age-dependent. In a large study with 28,000 men showed:  7% of 20-29 year olds, 48% of 50-59 year olds and 64% of 70-79-year-olds has ED.

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